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Piano Accompaniment

The Secrets to Making Piano Accompaniment Sound Professional

When learning to play piano , many people have experienced the frustration of being an accompanist when using a music book. “It feels flat,” they say. There are times when piano players do not know what to play while the singer is singing his melody. Should they play the melody exactly as it is written or should they play something else?

When accompanying a singer, you do not want to play the melody as it is being sung. Doubling the melody just doesn’t work. Not only are you stealing the singer’s thunder, but you are also making the music less interesting.

So, if you are not playing the melody, how are you, as accompanist, to actually enhance the melody, complement the singer, and create beautiful music, all at the same time? What are you to play?

Here it is, the only one of its kind:
Mastering Piano - An Exciting Course That Teaches Professional Piano Accompaniment!

piano accompaniment

Learning Piano? Now You Too Can Be A Proficient Piano Sight Reader!

We have spent countless hours in the past few months designing the one and only course to be found anywhere that specializes specifically in piano sight reading practice.

Just take a look at all the features and benefits our newly launched “Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading” has to offer:

This course comes with a 45-minute DVD, 1 CD rom of computer exercises for note recognition, harmonic intervals and melodic intervals recognition and a huge 177-page sheet music exercises.

Imagine Slashing Years Off Your Learning Curve By Tapping Into A System Refined Into A Step-By-Step, Easy To Follow Home-Study Course That Have You Improvise On The Piano Expressively In As Little As Weeks!


Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level: Mastering The Piano Techniques Successfully Used By Professionals

Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level With These Courses
Learn To Play & Improve Your Piano Playing
Access Free Piano Tutorials Here

  If you can read simple treble-clef melody notes,
you can play your favorite popular songs using
"Play Piano With Fake Book" system.

Master the following:
*Can't Help Falling In Love
*Smoke Gets In Your Eye
*Never on Sunday
*Chariots of Fire and more
Using "Play Piano With Fake Book"

Watch this 5 years old girl improvising 
Check out this piano tutorial now
You'll learn how to improvise with chord progression

piano improvisation
Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level: Mastering The Piano Techniques Successfully Used By Professionals

free piano lessons




Free Piano Lessons





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