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Is Money Something you Fear?
  Maybe our Free Money Meditation MP3 can Help.

There are a so many books and websites around now sprouting forth the possibility of creating and manifesting wealth and abundance.

There is a huge market powered by the new gurus of self creation.
And guess what.. most of them actually do understand the process of how to create your own prosperity, and indeed, your own life. Manifesting abundance and wealth is indeed within our natural power. We have just forgoten who we really are - powerful beings who can create at will.

With Money in Particular.. it comes down to a few basic points that can influence our abilty to create wealth.

1) Your own self belief that you really can manifest abundance in your life.
2) Your relationship with yourself.
3) And, your relationship with money.

Our Free Money Visualisation is squarely aimed at point number 3.

What is your relationship with money?

Many of us still feel a bit uneasy about wanting to be very, very wealthy. And many of us still have the idea that 'money is the root of all evil' as part of our belief system. What we often have trouble with is our belief that there is only a finite quantity of money, or indeed anything else of value, available in this world.

The truth is that the universe is infinitely abundant. Above us are a billion stars and each with the possibility of supporting a planet such as earth within it's orbit! That's how abundant the universe is!

Our Free Money Meditation is about changing our relationship with money, not by trying to attract it to ourselves, but by seeing it shared with others in the world.

This can feel much 'safer' to us than trying to visualise huge amounts of money for ourselves.

The effects are that this can be very powerful in changing and softening our relationship with money. Even though our free money meditation is not about attracting money to ourselves...
That's exactly what it can help to do!


Money Meditation Visualisation



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