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Naturopathic & Natural Health - New Zealand

Ponsberry Health - 
Naturopathic consultation and herbal medicine nutritional advice in Meridian Stress Assessment, Sensitivity Testing, Iridology, Hemaview, hair tissue mineral analysis, dietary and lifestyle advice. Goji Juice Distributor.

Uli Brell Reiki -
Reiki is a simple, direct and natural form of healing that allows you to absorb more Life Force by applying a gentle hands - on technique. Auckland, New Zealand.

Essence of Health -
Dr. Sue Levin, director of Essence of Health Clinic, an integrated naturopathic healing centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Vitalis Skiauteris -
Offers acupuncture, Chinese osteopathy, and herbal medicine. Auckland, New Zealand.  

New Hope Chinese Medicine Clinic -
Acupuncture, herbal treatments and deep tissue massage by Albert Zhang in Glenfield, New Zealand.

Patrick McCarthy -
Medical doctor and consultant in the medical use of hypnosis, mind and muscle relaxation, Wellington, New Zealand. Services, audio tape, credentials.  

Dave Gilbert Hypnotherapy -
Dave Gilbert, hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, personal and professional coaching, Auckland, New Zealand. Biography, list and description of services.

The Queenstown School of Reiki NZ -
Master Dave Pollock offers classes in Queenstown, New Zealand. Seminar schedule.  

Taranaki School of Reiki -
Gives a brief history of Reiki and details of Reiki workshops for beginners through to Masters in the Taranaki area. Reiki Share group meets fortnightly in New Plymouth. 

Inner Adventure Programs -
Non-profit global organisation specializes in Breath Integration created by Colin and Marina Sisson, a gentler and highly effective emotion management system. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Edward Norman Harris -
Offers Harmonic Translation System, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, homeopathic medicine, emotional freedom techniques (EFT). Tauranga, New Zealand. 


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