'Energy' and 'Energies' in the New World

  The Ramblings of an Aging Baby Boomer


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The world is changing. Alternative healers are appearing. Indigo children are with us. People are using alternative aids to help and heal themselves. This is indicated by the fact that the alternative food and health industry is the fastest growing industry on the planet.

People are joining spiritual churches, meditation classes, learning yoga, pilates, going to the gym, walking and exercising in general. There is a whole range of therapies that are now almost common place. Therapeutic massage, reiki, reflexology, Bowen therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy and colon therapy to name a few. We can only hope that this general change in our attitude towards these kinds of things continues and increases exponentially for the sake of the world. This includes changing attitudes towards the environment and our fellow man. 

About 6 years ago at the age of 45, I found that I could feel energy in others. My partner had a really bad headache and I had this sudden impulse to put my hands at either side of her head. I was absolutely amazed by what happened. I could feel energy. It was like holding a balloon with two hands. By moving my hands in and out the 'pressure' got stronger and weaker accordingly. Within 5 minutes her headache had gone. This incident was so exciting that I proceeded to try to work on everyone I knew. I soon found out that people weren't always receptive to my offer. In fact I soon stopped offering except at times when it felt was right to do so. I don't consider it to be healing so much as pain relief. I have had success in helping friends with sore backs, headaches, a fractured jaw, bad menstrual pain, arthritis and general aches and pains.

I have never studied Reiki or any other form of healing for that matter. It just suddenly happened one day. More to the point I believe that anyone can do this. It's just a matter of trying to feel the energy in people (or things). It's pretty much that simple. It was great to read Eric Pearl's book, The Reconnection'. I could really relate to what he was saying. He is truly an amazing man with a wonderful gift for healing. He discovered his gift whilst practising as a chiropractor. It just started happening out of the blue. Having been trained in orthodox methods he was mystified and confused by these unexplainable occurrences. He was forced to challenge everything he had been taught. What an amazing gift to be given. I recommend this book.

Science still has trouble with all this 'new age' mumbo jumbo. If you can't put it in a test tube, heat it up and see what gas it produces, then it probably doesn't exist. Therefore how can God exist in a laboratory? The business of metaphysics has also been largely disputed by the establishment. A man named T.C Lethbridge wrote a wonderful book called 'The Power Of The Pendulum'. He did many studies into dowsing and pendulum rotation. He discover that a pendulum would react differently to different minerals. He repeated his tests over and over and still came up with the same readings i.e. number and length of rotations of a pendulum held over a piece of silver, for example. He also formed theories on time and space and other 'vibrational, levels. He was rejected by his Cambridge peers. This is a classical example of a general unwillingness by the establishment to even consider the existence of any other dimension than the one we can experience with our 5 senses.

A modern day 'Flat Earth Society' attitude towards such things seems to still prevail. I believe there is so much still to be discovered in the world of 'energy'. One day I believe it will be accepted as just another branch of physics, Metaphysics, which is exactly what it is. Doctors now have to do Acupuncture as part of their degree. Acupuncture is to do with the body's energy system. What does it mean that this is now taught at Med School? Is this some acknowledgement that something they don't understand actually works? The Chinese have known about this for a few thousand years! This is not meant to put doctors down. If you need to get your finger sown back on, you don't drink a cup of herbal tea. You go to the hospital. It's just about being open to the full spectrum of solutions, choices and new (and old) emerging information of this time.


Spirit. A new emphasis on spirituality is an associated part of this noticeable change in our mass consciousness. Transcendental meditation, Indian spiritualism (American and Asian), Buddhism, and a host of other religious groups are gaining support from people trying to find direction in these strange new times. More people are calling in to talk to psychics on talk back radio than ever before.

Brought up in a Christian environment, I found myself making a conscious choice about the church. It just didn't add up. How could a God who would let any of his children burn in hell for eternity also be a Loving God at the same time. I wouldn't do that to my own kids and surely God was more evolved than I was. I believe Jesus was one of the greatest prophets the world has seen, but the church wasn't run by him. It was, and is, run by ordinary people and most religions have a vested interest in keeping control by keeping people in fear. I know now God is not fear. I am talking about organised religions in general. It is not so much individuals as the institution of the church and other religions. It's not like they give you their sacred book of teachings and say, "what do you get out of this". It's more like "we will tell you what this means because we are the authority on this religion and you couldn't possibly understand it all on your own". I tend to think that self realization, spiritualism or finding God or whatever you want to call it is a personal journey, a personal quest, and it is a different journey for each and every one of us. 

I began reading about alternatives in 1984. Depressed, and in a brand new marriage, I started reading all the Findhorn books. I just got right into them all. I read everything connected with Findhorn and writings by anyone who had been there. My next obsession in the late eighties was A Course In Miracles. It just flawed me with it's profound statements and uncompromising integrity. I would read it in my lunch breaks, at gigs, anywhere I could. From there I went on to Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer's channelled books of entities Orin and DaBen. I just found so much wisdom there that I could connect with. It was different to hearing ordinary people talk. It had something else, an integrity and wisdom. There have been a lot of other books since such as the mandatory 'Celestine Prophecy', 'Conversations With God' etc. etc. 

I would have to mention Bartholomew - 'Teachings Of An Elder Brother' as a more recent favourite. Such a beautiful and gentle wisdom led me to read this book 4 times. Last year my late sister, Robin, introduced me to 'The Power Of Now' by Eckhardt Tolle. I read through it with my usual veracious appetite for information on this subject. I now realise that no book is going to give you Enlightenment, Nirvana, Bliss, Self Realisation or whatever term you wish to use. You actually have to do it yourself. I still get impatient, depressed, angry,  and all the other emotional trappings of being human. So where has it all got me, all this reading? Words, as Tolle explains, are no more than signposts. You really have to find out for yourself. No one can do it for you. I am reading his book again slowly. He tells you about ways of being in the now. He's dead right. The now is the only place where you can effect change. There is always only the now and most people's thoughts are usually in the past or the future.. or anywhere but the here and now.

ramblings to be continued...

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